Representation Through Humiliation


Book List 10/17/04

This week I read a number of good books, some of them political, some of them...not so much.

America (the book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction-(by Jon Stewart and the writers of The Daily Show) This hilarious take on American politics is a definite must-read for anyone who enjoys politics and comedy. In a rousing textbook format (including "This book belongs to..." and Chapter Revies and Class Activities) America is an amusing-at-worst summary of our country covering from the Pilgrim's landing all thw way up to years into the future (Venus is an "elusive swing planet!). While its expanded 200 some pages format may look daunting to some, this book is a relatively fast read (2-3 days tops) and highly recommended.

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Fahrenheit 451- (by Ray Bradbury) I cannot believe I haven't discovered this book before now! It's been sitting on my shelf for years and I've just never picked it up. It is a disturbing look at the future through the eyes of a fireman whos job it is to start fires. A materpeice of a book, Guy Montag begins to see outside the box. He meets up with an old English Lit. teacher who convinces him he's not crazy. His nation is on the brink of an all out nuclear war, he's wanted by the police, his wife betrays him, and he may be civilized society's last hope at literature. This is one insanely thrilling adventures and a page-turner if I've ever seen one.

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Bone (The Complete Bone Adventures 1) Out of Boneville- (by Jeff Smith) A marvelous graphic novel, this black and white slice of heaven follows Fone Bone in his quest to save his cousins, Phoney and Funny, after they are run out of Boneville because one of Phoney's shady business transactions and seperated in the midst of
ant-creatures, dragons, and talking bugs. To find his cousins Fone teams up with Thorn and Gran'ma Ben who help him locate Phoney who is wanted by the ant-creatures for unknown reasons. Alot simpler and fast-paced then it sounds, Jeff Smith is able to go from brash humor to gripping adventure in a single panel.

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Bone (The Complete Bone Adventures 2) The Great Cow Race- (by Jeff Smith) The follow up to "Out of Boneville", "Cow Race" is just as entertaining as the first. With the help of Funny Bone, Phoney sets up a gambling racket that backfires horribly. Also, Thorn discovers a bit more about her past after Gran'ma Ben and the dragon get chummy. A very fast-paced read.
The Giver-(by Lois Lowry) Very interesting story depicting a boy who is part of a strange community where everything is absolutely fair and even. Sound great? Not exactly, to control behavior, occupants may be beaten with a rod, and all must take "the pills" to control their sexual urges. There is no weather, no color, and no variety. Finally, this boy, under the supervision of the Giver of Memory, breaks out of the system, but can he and his baby "brother" survive? A great story.

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Next week I'll be reviewing The Dick Cheney Code, Stupid White Men, Downsize This!, Pure Drivel, The Politically Correct Bedtime Stories trilogy, and When you ride ALONE you ride with bin Laden.

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