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Build It And They Shall Come...eventually

Thanks to Midguard and Hidden Nook for contributing comments to the blog! Whew! I was getting a little worried there. Here I was: working on a blog for two weeks with no commenters... But finally my search engine frenzy paid off. Hopefully more will visit in the days to come. Onto the news:

Osama and the Spin Doctors
Out on the stump today, Kerry and Bush made references to the Osama Tape.

Says Bush: "The terrorists who killed thousands of innocent people are still dangerous and they are determined."

Are you jokin? I could have sworn those terrorists just "POOF!" turned into cute little teddie bears the moment we invaded Iraq...

Says Kerry: "It was wrong to divert our forces from Afghanistan so that we could rush to war in Iraq without a plan to win the peace...It was wrong to outsource the job" of capturing bin Laden to local warlords.

He really likes the "O"-word, doesn't he?

-ABC News story

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