Representation Through Humiliation


Campaign Blogs

Today, Daily Fry clenched our collective teeth and dove headfirst into the mud slinging festival that is the canidates' blogs. We visited Kerry's and Bush's blogs. Curiously, we were not able to locate an official campaign blog for Mr. Nader.

While reading George's blog, we fell asleep. We apologize for this inconvenience, but you try to read it.

John Kerry's, while slightly more interesting, was frankly quite stupid at parts. An example is as follows:

"Thanks to long-time blogger "Mark from Iowa" for this report on John Edwards' most recent appearance in MFI's home state, Iowa."

I don't know about you, but I -for one- would assume that "Mark from Iowa"'s home state is Iowa. For the most part, though, the blog is more intelligent than BC04's. It condenses the posts to a brief summary so that you can quickly skim, and if you find something of interest, give it a look with a handy "Continue reading this entry" button. All in all, a pretty well done blog that demands a read.