Representation Through Humiliation


I'm Back!

If anyone is actually reading this (I have no way of knowing unless you comment) and cares where I've been for the last three days, I was getting out the vote in Philly and right here in NJ.

I know I'm a little behind, but here's my partial booklist for this week. ( I realize it's late and unfinished...)

The Eyes of the Storm (The Complete Bone Adventures 3)- (by Jeff Smith) The third and final graphic novel in the first Bone trilogy, this book is definitely the worst of the three. This is not to say it is bad. Only that it could have been better, and compared to the high standards set by the first two books, it did not live up to its expectations. But it's hard to reveal the history of almost every main character in one book and still make it excellent. Oh well, pick it up anyway, it's better than most of the filth you kiddies read nowadays.

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Downsize This!-(by Michael Moore) Yawn! It may be that it's just owdated, or that it was his first book and everything, but I still expect more from Michael Moore. It's still pretty funny and all, but y'know? It's Michael Moore! I'm sorry. His current work is far better and should be given a look.

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Funny thing happened today, W said some thing stupid. Funny right? OK, here's what he said about John Kerry blaming his leadership for the missing tons of WMDs in Iraq:

"For a political candidate to jump to conclusions without knowing the facts isnot a person you want as your commander in chief,"

OK. Lemme get this straight: John Kerry is jumping to conclusions by blaming the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces for not commanding properly and letting tons and tons of nuclear weapons disappear into thin air? That damned John Kerry! Full of accusations!