Representation Through Humiliation


Red Sox Win the ALC!

OK, first off: The Yankees are overpaid snobs. They also win way too much for my liking. So when their butts got handed to them last night I rejoiced! (Not actually last night, of course. This morning while watching the highlights. What? Do you actually think I'm stupid enough to stay up until 12 to watch a friggin' baseball game? It may be America's pastime, but that sport is only slightly less boring than watching globs of spit on the side of W's mouth evaporate.) Anywho, the Sox won for the first time since '89 and are going on to the World Series! (See two posts down to perceive how Yankee fans are feeling right now.)

Also, John Kerry went goose hunting today. "Huh?" You may say, "Why in the world is the Democratic canidate going goose hunting just 12 days from election day?" Here's the catch: He was in Ohio. "Ahh" you say, "Ohio is prime goose hunting property this time of the year. Oh... and isn't it a-- ah... swing state?"

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