Representation Through Humiliation


Wal-Mart Cancels "America" Orders

Today, the Wal-Mart store chain canceled all orders it had placed for America (the book). (see below review.) Citing the lack of clothes on the Supreme Court justices (page 99) as sufficient provacation, they axed the orders for their stores, but continue to sell the book online. They say the pictures "didn't meet their criteria". In fact spokeswoman Karen Burk says "a majority of our customers would not be comfortable with the image." Folks, the majority of their customers are rednecks who don't know a Supreme Court Justice from Osama bin Laden. These photos are obviously doctored, and not actual pictures of the judges, so I ask Wal-Mart: What's the big deal? What happened to looking out for the customer? Only the people interested in the author and the content are going to look at the book in the first place! So I ask my audience to please buy the book from Barnes & Noble instead. (They have coffee there, too!). It's a much better deal, and this way you're not wasting precious online time figuring out how to place an order on instead of reading Daily Fry!

In other news, Bill O'Reilly canceled a number of upcoming TV interviews on his book tour for Bill O'Reilly's Book for Kids, prefferring, instead, to conduct the interviews by phone. Although, he said, I may have to juggle a few important calls...

(Note: I wrote this entire column just by looking at the front page of the "Life" section of USA Today. I'm not really sure if anything important actually happened.)