Representation Through Humiliation


The Gnomes of Zzimn

Ahhh. Yea, well if anyone is watching The Daily Show right now they'll get it, if not, too bad. On to the numbers (some are predictions, some are...OK, they're all predictions. Did I mention that you should probably check these figures against someone who knows what they're talking about? (i.e. someone who is not watching The Daily Show.)

Alabama (9)
Alaska (3)
Georgia (15)
Indiana (11)
Kentucky (8)
Nebraska (5)
N. Carolina (15)
N. Dakota (3)
Oklahoma (7)
Tennesee (11)
Texas (34)
Utah (5)
Virginia (13)
W. Virginia (5)

Total: 171

California (55)
Connecticut (7)
Deleware (3)
DC (3)
Illinois (21)
Maine (4)
Maryland (10)
Massachusetts (12)
New Hampshire (4)
New Jersey (15)
New York (31)
Ohio (20)
Pennsylvania (21)
Rhode Island (4)
Vermont (3)

Total: 238

Unfortunately, this will be my last post for tonight. I will try to post the official results in the morning if they are available. Ehh... no one knows. Good Night!