Representation Through Humiliation


That's The Spirit!

While the rest of the country was enjoying their Thnaksgiving diner with family in friends last night, Frank Palacious was stabbing Gonzalo Ocasio, 49, and his 18-year-old son, Gonzalo Jr. for criticizing his table manners. According to the police, The Gonzalos Two provoked him by reprimanding him for picking at his turkey with his fingers instead of using utensils.

-ABC News story

Elsewhere, Santa Clause is prohibited from skydiving to the Anaheim Town Square shopping center with gifts and greetings due to air restrictions imposed by Disneyland.
Park officials cite terrorist threats as a sound reason to make Santa arrive in a fire truck (as he did last year) instead of by air.
Shopping Center managers say otherwise:
"The terrorists are not involved in any way whatsoever," said Ryan Williams, promotions director for center owner NewMark Merrill. "This is Santa landing with his elves."
Despite strong arguments from both sides and a grassroots "Let Santa Fly '05" campaign, the issue will be shelved until atleast next year.

-ABC News story