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Kerry Website Posthumous Inspection

Sadly enough, John Kerry's campaign website has not been updated AT ALL since he lost the election. The first headline on the site is "John Kerry's Remarks to Supporters at Faneuil Hall in Boston" And the rest of it is campaign news such as "November 2 - John Kerry and his family cast their ballots." and "Kerry Arives for a rally in Wisconsin." There is no mention of the futile recounts, DNC Chairman Election, nada. Alas, Kerry has just faded into the abyss of Capitol Hill.

I don't usually do magazine reviews but...

But January 3rd's New Yorker is really great. In "Shouts & Murmurs" there's a hilarious selection by Dan Greenburg called "Expected Legislation From the President." And then there's a nice fiction piece by Ryu Murakami called "I Am A Novelist." The cartoons are very good as always and the cover by Gurbuz Dogan Eksioglu is interesting.

I'm wondering, should I do more magazine reviews? I did one on Newsweek a while back. I read several mags every week and would not mind posting about them. Comment on this post with feedback.

As If We Needed Another Reason to Hate WAL-MART

Two assistant managers at an Indiana WAL-MARt have been placed on probation with a scheduled hearing after they shot and killed a stray who was living in one of their storage trailers. They claim that the store manager, Darrel Weitzel, told them to do it. They were caught when one of their truck drivers saw them putting a dead animal in the trash can a day after he heard them joking about shoooting a cat. That's right. We live in a world where animals are disposable nuisances... like styrofoam.

-WFTV story

Government Agencies Bicker

Several government departments, including Justice, State, and Homeland Security are "clashing" over such trivial matters as how many fingers should be printed at border crossings and which of those agencies should have access to said information. Do they realize their incessant arguing only reinforces every cliche to their name?


Quake Wire

See how the rescue efforts are going and please donate.


Make Your Own Snow

The only real news happening (besides a power-failure at the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, if that counts) going on is the rising body count in Southeast Asia. To take your mind off that, I dug up this site where you can make your own virtual snowflake with virtual paper and virtual scissors with virtually no mess! God I love the internet.

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Michael Paulus

OK. Very off-topic, but this guy rocks. Check out some of these cartoon skeleton pictures. Will try to get one on the site later for those of us too lazy to click.

Hacking A Coke Machine

Have you ever been walking along a desolate strip of sidewalk on a hot, humid day and caught sight of a Coke machine? You went running towards it, stuck your hand in your pocket, grasping for money... stopped in front of the machine and realized you had no cash? You stood there for a few moments, didn't you? Slackjawed, desperate to know how fate could be so cruel? You then turned and walked away with your head down, utterly Cokeless.

Never let this happen to you again!

I came across a site the other day that piqued my interest: How to Hack a Coke Machine! It's not difficult at all, almost like a video game cheat. Just press the vend buttons in a certain sequence and earn yoirself a free Coke!

Note: This is most likely illegal and Daily Fry will not be held responsible for your actions. Sorry!

Call to Arms


Most of you are probably aware of the horrific earthquake and tsunami that terrorized southeast Asia this past week. Most of you were shocked at the site of bodies of children littering the streets on the 6 o'clock news. Most of you, I'm sure are able to spare a few dollars to help these people. Below I have compiled a linklist of how to do just that. Please, if you are at all able to, donate.

1) RED CROSS:You can donate money to the International Committee for the Red Cross's International Response Fund through

Americans can call 1-800-435-7669 in English or 1-800-257-7575 in Spanish, and Canadians can call 1-800-418-1111. The British Red Cross site is here. Americans can also mail a donation to American Red CrossDisaster Relief FundP.O. Box 37243Washington, D.C. 20013. (You can read lots of details about the IFRC's specific plans and work here.)

The website of the Indian Red Cross doesn't seem to have had a chance to update yet, but keep an eye on it.

From Eledolie, the Singapore Red Cross Society's appeal for funds, their online donation site, and their mailing address for checks from Singapore: 15 Penang Lane, Singapore 238486, Tel : (65) 6336 0269 Fax : (65) 6337 4360.

From The Command Post Forums: Thai Red Cross, Siam Commercial Bank - Red Cross Branch. Acct: 045-248899-3 Swift: SICROTHBK. Have your bank note that it's for Relief in Phuket. Please confirm this account information with your bank.2)You can donate to India's Prime Minister's National Relief Fund by bank transfer or by faxing or mailing in credit card info, but unfortunately, not by web or by phone. The following three accounts are available for international money transfer:

U.S. $: A/C No. 000-03847-4 with HSBC BANK,USA, New York. ( SWIFT Code :- MRMD US 33 )

Pound Sterling: A/C No. 203253-80412368 with,BARCLAYS BANK PLC,London.( SWIFT Code :- BARCGB 22 )

EURO: A/C No. 4112222001 with CITIBANK,Frankfurt. ( SWIFT Code :- CITI DE FF ) .

Please confirm these with your bank, however, before you use them! If you are in India, you can send checks & money orders in the name of The Prime Minister's National Relief Fund to the Prime Minister's Office, South Block, New Delhi 110001 INDIA.

3)SEEDS India, which has a beautiful but very heavy website, is an organization devoted to disaster preparation and management. It has announced the following International Money Transfer Account:Mode of International Fund Transfer: Account Name: SEEDS Account Number: 52810017829 Bank: Standard Chartered Bank, M-1, South Extension Part-II, New Delhi, INDIA Swift Code: SCBLINBBDEL. Again, please confirm this information with your bank.

4) The United Nations relief effort will probably be coordinated by OCHA, the UN Office for the Coordination for Humanitarian Affairs. On their site I cannot yet find an appeal for donations, but I am sure one will be set up as was set up for the Iran earthquake last year.

5) If you're Canadian, you can make a donation to the Canadian Catholic Organization Development and Peace online, as they have announced they are mounting a relief effort.

6) Vasugi Ganeshanathan forwarded SAJA an announcement that the Sri Lanka Association of Greater Washington is creating a relief fund, and that checks payable to SLAGW can be sent to c/o ISTI, Inc., 1820 North Fort Myer Dr., Suite 600, Arlington, VA 22209. The email was written by Nihal Goonewardene, the association's president.

7) MercyCorps has an online donation form which allows you to specifically earmark funds for earthquake relief. You can also donate by phone 1 (888) 256-1900, or by mail: Mercy Corps,Dept W, PO Box 2669Portland OR 97208.

8) Save the Children USA has created a specific relief fund for Children and families Affected by Earthquake and Tidal Waves in Southern Asia.

9) According to this ReliefWeb press release, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees will run U.N. relief efforts in Sri Lanka. You can choose your national UNHCR donation site from their global site, and right now on the American donation site you would probably want to specify Emergency Appeals. UNICEF has audio links about the disaster here, and you can make a general donation to them here.

10) CARE Australia has launched a relief effort, and it's already at work in Sri Lanka. Here's their donation site, and their online donation form has a space for comments. By phone (in Australia): 1800 020 046, and by mail: CARE Australia, Reply Paid 61843, Canberra ACT 2601.

11) Americares has launched a relief effort, and their online donation form (which promises to apply funds to this disaster as long as possible) is here. You can also mail them a check: AmeriCares Foundation, 88 Hamilton Ave., Stamford, CT 06902.

12) Oxfam America has launched relief efforts and is collecting money specifically for earthquake relief here. You can make a credit card donation by phone at 800-77-OXFAM, or mail a check payable to: Oxfam AmericaAttn: Donor Services Dept.26 West StreetBoston, MA 02111-1206.

13) AID India is raising money online here, and or make out checks payable to AID, P.O. Box FCollege Park, MD-20741, USA.

14) The Hindu, one of India's premier newspapers, has set up a relief fund that will accept online donations and mail donations. The online form takes credit cards, but in Rupees, so it's not clear to me how that would work with credit cards from other countries. "The Hindu Relief Fund," Kasturi Buildings , 859 Anna Salai , Chennai 600 002, INDIA.

15) People in India can send funds to the Chief Minister's Public Relief Fund of Tamil Nadu, one of the brutally hit Indian states: Chief Minister's Public Relief Fund, Finance Department, Secretariat, Chennai-600 009.

16) The truly amazing, Nobel-prize winning group Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) is dispatching volunteers to provide medical help. Here is their online donation page.
It seems trivial now, but I have to say that I'm really glad that a policy wonk like Matt, who rakes in a lot of regular readers, is willing to step outside his subject matter, be honest about his horror at this, and make a small plea for help. As far as I can tell he was the first big name on my blog roll to talk about it. Crooked Timber & Cyrus Farivar pointed people to the Red Cross. Cyrus Farivar has just sent me an immense list of agencies accepting donation posted by the New York Times. I'm very glad that John and Belle decided not to spend Christmas in the ravaged Phuket. Besides The Command Post entry, I got some relief information from the Indian blogger Chanakya at Vichaar, and writer Jay Manifold. I got the MercyCorps link from Chhavi Sachdev. You can try checking their blogs for updates. The new locally written TsunamiHelp Blog is also a good source of links.Remember, please check back for updates to this list. Please, if you have more information on ways to help, leave the information in comments on this post. (Subsequently, check the comments of this post for other ways to help.)

Apologies and thanks to whoever actually compiled this list. I forget exactly who I swiped it off of, but the time it took to put together this list is much appreciated. Thank you.


The Fry Year In Review

Ok, I lied. I just got a realy great computer for Christmas and couldn't resist doing some blogging. So instead of think of something intelligent to say (it could take hours...) I'd rather give you a cheesy bulleted Year in Review like practically everyone else is doing. (Don't follow the heard... be the heard.)



Here's hoping 2005 brings better news!


The Last Post Of The Year

That's write, I'm shirking the "daily" again. This will be my last post until the New Year, and it's a holiday link frenzy!

Happy Holidays!


What Time Is It?

I woke up quite groggy this morning and realized that I had, in fact, been sleeping for the past few weeks. My bad. Disregard the "daily" please.


Washington Preschoolers Fed Dog Chow

When her students pretended to be puppies, an assistant teacher at a Washington state elementary school allegedly fed her students dog food in an effort to encourage their playacting. She got the food from a display intended to educate children on what NOT to eat. Stupid is stupid, people.

-ABC News story


Marine Chooses Wedding Ring Over Finger

It's all over the web: A loyal and loving U.S. Marine had doctors hack off his fingers to keep his wedding ring intact. What they're not telling you in the headlines is that the friggin doctors lost his ring in the confusion anyway. Geezus.

-Yahoo! News story

Miss Artificial Beauty

What has the world come to? It would appear from my mindless news wire scouring that China will be crowning it's first Miss artificial Beauty. Judges will pick from a handful of women who have been nipped, tucked, snipped, cut, implemented, adjusted, and basically remolded to their exact specifications. Remember kiddies: beauty is only skin deep.

-ABC News story


Bad Soup

Unkraine presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko's "face-numbing" disease was caused by a chemical called dioxin slipped into his soup, doctors say. What? Not enough details! We at Daily Fry would like to know what kind of soup it was (so we can cross it off our shopping lists). I mean, c'mon: chicken noodle, clam chowder, oodles of noodles, italian wedding... what?

But just to ask these questions would not be enough, so we're going to demand the answers. (Kind of like asking, but sounds more forceful.). Sign our truth-finding petition by putting your name in a comment in this post.


Santa Brawl

UK police were called after a fight broke out among a group of drunken Santas who had just completed the annual 2.5 mile charity run. It's a sad day in England when even Father Christmas can't restrain himself from the minibar.

-This Is London story


Finally, a holiday that lets us celebrate the holiday season without those sticky interfaith moments of awkwardness: Chrismahanukwanzakah, oficially recognized Dec. 13, courtesy of Virgin Mobile and its new ad campaign. The holiday was inspired by Chrismukkah.

-ABC News story


Interim Iraq Pres. Musharraf: Iraq is "less safe" after U.S. invasion.

Yesterday on Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer Gen. Pervez Mesharraf said he believed his country was "less safe" and "in more trouble" than before the U.S. invaded. He also agreed that it was a mistake on the administrations part. What a transformation! Lap dog to attack dog in just one day!

-Al Jazeera story

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Let's Try One Of Those "Roundups"

I've seen these all around, so decided to try one of my own, let me know what you think, and as always, e-mail to send rumors, tips, suggestions, comments, praise, gossip, dissent, or spam.

  • Teen pregnancies higher in red states. -It Affects You
  • Mike Tyson on cocaine -Page Six
  • A homeless man who wanted a prayer session with Mel Gibson accused of stalking. -WaPo
  • Alex Kerry to sell campaign story to NY publishers. Doesn't realize no one cares. -US News
  • Jewish Boxing Star incited to White House Hanukkah party. -NY Post

In a completely unrelated subject, I am moving my comment system to Haloscan tomorrow because Blogger has done horrible things to the commenting process. Just letting you know...


The Bush Show

"President Bush attended a church service Sunday and then headed out on his mountain bike to ride in crisp, cool weather, getting in some exercise..."

So begins a recent CNN article on a man named George W. Bush attending an event at the Kennedy Center. The article concluded with:

"...Bush then glanced at a blue bird flying nearby and caught a glimpse of one of our hidden cameras, he stared at it for a moment with his head cocked to one side, shrugged his shoulders, and continued eating his cheeseburger."

-CNN (You can't make this stuff up!)



It's been a sloooow news week (in case you hadn't noticed when you turned on the television and Anderson Cooper was personally telling some middle-aged guy the weather right after the NBA declared war on its fans.), so I this opportunity to slap some bells and whistles onto the site. I got my blogroll up, great news after a month of difficulty with that. Also, I installed a "Guest Map" feature that you can sign (located on the sidebar). Finally, I got the current cost of the war in Iraq on the sidebar for your convenience (or more likely, disgust.) More knick knacks to come including a poll!

However, something vaguely noteworthy can be salvaged from this pile of corporate media refuse: Tom Ridge has resigned and former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik to head the Department of Homeland Security. Yawns up!

-ABC News story


Bush's Request to our NTTN

Q: Not much really, but could you, um... well... you know that war thingy... that we--um...started? Yea. just a teensy tiny little itsy bitsy little...disagreement. And we were just kind of--uh-- wondering... if you would...contribute some troops, pretty please?

A: Hah!!!

-ABC News story