Representation Through Humiliation


Hacking A Coke Machine

Have you ever been walking along a desolate strip of sidewalk on a hot, humid day and caught sight of a Coke machine? You went running towards it, stuck your hand in your pocket, grasping for money... stopped in front of the machine and realized you had no cash? You stood there for a few moments, didn't you? Slackjawed, desperate to know how fate could be so cruel? You then turned and walked away with your head down, utterly Cokeless.

Never let this happen to you again!

I came across a site the other day that piqued my interest: How to Hack a Coke Machine! It's not difficult at all, almost like a video game cheat. Just press the vend buttons in a certain sequence and earn yoirself a free Coke!

Note: This is most likely illegal and Daily Fry will not be held responsible for your actions. Sorry!