Representation Through Humiliation


Let's Try One Of Those "Roundups"

I've seen these all around, so decided to try one of my own, let me know what you think, and as always, e-mail to send rumors, tips, suggestions, comments, praise, gossip, dissent, or spam.

  • Teen pregnancies higher in red states. -It Affects You
  • Mike Tyson on cocaine -Page Six
  • A homeless man who wanted a prayer session with Mel Gibson accused of stalking. -WaPo
  • Alex Kerry to sell campaign story to NY publishers. Doesn't realize no one cares. -US News
  • Jewish Boxing Star incited to White House Hanukkah party. -NY Post

In a completely unrelated subject, I am moving my comment system to Haloscan tomorrow because Blogger has done horrible things to the commenting process. Just letting you know...