Representation Through Humiliation



It's been a sloooow news week (in case you hadn't noticed when you turned on the television and Anderson Cooper was personally telling some middle-aged guy the weather right after the NBA declared war on its fans.), so I this opportunity to slap some bells and whistles onto the site. I got my blogroll up, great news after a month of difficulty with that. Also, I installed a "Guest Map" feature that you can sign (located on the sidebar). Finally, I got the current cost of the war in Iraq on the sidebar for your convenience (or more likely, disgust.) More knick knacks to come including a poll!

However, something vaguely noteworthy can be salvaged from this pile of corporate media refuse: Tom Ridge has resigned and former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik to head the Department of Homeland Security. Yawns up!

-ABC News story