Representation Through Humiliation


Bush is Very Confused

During a press conference aired on ABC today, President Bush made only the briefest of references to this, the bloodiest day since our invasion of Iraq. However, he became very agitated when a reporter asked him to comment on Condi Rice being called a liar by members of the Senate:

Q Well, you had a Democratic Senator basically call your Secretary of State nominee a liar. That's pretty harsh language coming from --

THE PRESIDENT: [brief period of shock] Well, there are 99 senators other than that person. [agitaion becomes all-to-evident] And I'm looking forward to working with as many members as we can. [blood begins to boil] Condi Rice is a fine, fine public servant, greatly admired here in America, [traces of steam at the ears] and greatly admired around the world. And she will make a great Secretary of State! [ERUPTION!] And I'm looking forward to working with her.
Listen, thank you all, very much, for your time. [aftershock begins to wear off] I appreciate this. And I'm looking forward to working with you all as we have a productive 2005. [reddening in face subsides]

Thank you.

And with that, he abruptly left the podium and headed for the door.

Dianne Sawyer comes back on and goes to Peter Jennings reporting live from Iraq.

Jennings, apparently, was expecting the president to kind of lead into his story, as were much of the viewers, including myself. He fumbled around quite a bit, remarking that perhaps the president hasn't been briefed on this... what's going on Iraq... maybe he hasn't heard how bad...

But the funny part is, Jennings seemed genuinely surprised that he knew more about the situation in Iraq than the President of the United States of America.

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