Representation Through Humiliation


Inauguration Blast! of a "poof" really...

"From George Washington to George W. Bush, Presidential Inaugurations are a significant part of our nation's history." -excerpt from the Official Site of the 55th Presidential Inauguration.

Well, uh, yes... the day when a citizen of one of the most influential countries in the world is sworn into a post where the decisions they make will affect life as we know it is kind of significant, I guess.

The actual inauguration, on the other hand, was a more uh... exhausting affair. What with the motorcade, the speeches, the senators... Yes, well, the only memorable quote of this entire ordeal, it appears, was the reference that national security was "the calling of our time."

As for me and Armando on the Kos, we found Cheney's pre-inaug. interview much more interesting. Dick referred to Iran as a "potential trouble spot."and stated that this time, we will address the problem with "diplomacy." Y'know what? That As crazy as it sounds, I think he might be on to something...

-Bush's Address transcript (from FOX, no less!)

Oh, and we found Jeb's foray into the world of photography a most interesting one... (see below).