Representation Through Humiliation


Martin Who?

That seemed to be the main focus point of George W. Bush's speech at the MLK memorial at the Kennedy Center just a couple minutes ago. His first audible quote was "Thanks for the invitation!" as if they could just decide one year that they weren't going to invite the President of the United States (they wish.) He rambled on for a while about how the Founding Fathers were slave owners, and then CNN lost the signal. And then they got the signal back, but for about 30 seconds Judy Woodruff kept talking about how they were really sorry, and that they were just "trying to get the video and audio, that is, the picture and sound back." Yes, because who knew that audio is sound? After she stopped talking enough for us to hear the speech, they lost the signal again... Beautiful. Judy commented on what a beautiful day it was, and then they got it back. The President was reaching the peak of his speech now, but surprisingly enough, there was no mention of Martin Luther King. This MLK Memorial event basically turned into a farewell speech for Colin Powell. In fact, there was no real talk of MLK until George noted that Elma Powell grew up ("in other words raised! yukyukyuk!) in his hometown. I'll try to get a transcript up later today, it was -by far- the most hilarious speech I've ever born witness to... And for all the wrong reasons.