Representation Through Humiliation


Right Wing Cartoon Uproar

"Omigosh! They've done it! The homosexuals have infiltrated our beloved cartoons! The humanity! Oh the humanity!"

These are the shouts that were heard from numerous right wingers this week amongst claims that "gay-friendly" cartoon campaigns for togetherness were "brainwashing our children" to acccept gay people as members of our society.

Actually, yes. You got 'em. It's all a huge conspiracy to corrupt your children. Sorry. Their bad. They'll go away now so you don't have to be reminded that they exist.

Is this what we've come to? Is our homophobia so immense that we feel the need to accuse Spongebob of promoting a "pro-gay agenda?" Apparently, yes. We're just that friggin bored. It was either gay-bashing or channel surfing.

-BBC story