Representation Through Humiliation


Tourists in Thailand

No, this will not be a heartwarming story of how a lucky family found their relative who had been vacationing in SE Asia alive and well... This will be a story of several dozen idiots who, seemingly oblivious to the world around them, went frolicking around today on the debris-strewn beaches of Thailand while thousands of residents surveyed the damage and struggled to clean up the mess around them.

"I just figure if everyone uses about an hour of their holiday time (to help clean up), this would help a lot for the locals," said Yodkaew, a Swede who lives on the island with her Thai husband.

This very true, perhaps someone should inform these tourists of the massive tsunamis that hit the very beach they are standing on just 6 days ago. Maybe they should be told of the thousands of things they could be doing to help the relief effort instead of sunbathing. I don't know... just a thought.

-Salon story