Representation Through Humiliation


Gannon (or is it Guckert?) -gate

If anything deserves a "gate", it's this story:

Jeff Gannon, a journalist oft-seen in the White House Press Corps asking the soft questions, is actually JD Guckert, a VERY conservative pseudo-journalist. The crazy thing is, this guy held a WH Press badge for 2 and a half years, and they never figured out he wasn't real until just now. He literally sat just feet away from the President of the United States of America while IN THE WHITE HOUSE without anyone knowing who he actually was.

Scary? Sure. But it gives all of us wanna-be-in-the-know bloggers a speck of hope.

To my understanding, AMERICAblog has the best coverage of this ongoing story, and really dug deep into this guy's life to make the connection (frat meeting transcripts, email lists, the whole shazam.)

However, Stop The Internet has boiled this story down into a bite-sized wisdom nugget for easy digestion. I reccomend going there for more info first.

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