Representation Through Humiliation


Help wanted at The Fry

I've been throwing an idea around in my head (huh, that's a new one.). How would some of you like to become contributors to Daily Fry? Not full-time partners or whatever. Just casual contributors.

I'm interested in doing a weekly "newspaper roundup" type of thing. (Kind of like at Slate, but more satirical.) I'd love to do this myself, but don't have the time to read a ton of newspapers a week. I think if several people with subscriptions to different papers are interested, they can all review whatever paper they read.

Also, I'm interested in getting people from different parts of the world (or country) to post on the news and government happenings taking place in their area.

The reward for this would be linkage with every post you do, a link to your blog in the sidebar, and your blogger profile in the sidebar under the heading "contributors." I'd have to see a sample of your writing (preferably humorous, of course) before I give you the OK GO. But I have extremely low standards. If it's funny, you're in. So, if anyone's interested please comment to this post, leaving your email and URL. Thanks for your help.