Representation Through Humiliation


Lebanon Government Resigns

In another nugget of extremely riveting news, Lebanon's "pro-Syrian" administration stepped down this morning amidst calls of unfair play by a few thousand protestors reminiscent of the Yushchenko days.

The U.S. in general seems quite happy that democracy will soon be spreading to Lebanon, a country that has not had a Democratic election in recent memory, and who may or may not be harboring sympathisers to a neighboring country that may or may not be harboring induviduals who-in some circles-tend to be regarded as that of a terrorist nature. That evidence seems solid enough to me!

And to even further spoil our mood of rightousness, the damn Lebanese government decided that, in fact, it has been holding Democratic elections every four years for quite some time now. Alas, in a world of do-gooders who will we liberate?

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