Representation Through Humiliation


"Pi$$3d Off About Something"

I laughed. I cried. I fell asleep halfway, woke up and had to start all over again. Whatever your reaction may be, Skip's comment at Propaganda Machine is worth checking out. Even just for kicks. And if that didn't convince you to spend the trouble clicking on the above link, I've reprinted the entire thing below, so you have no excuse.

InvadeSoda asked: "In the farthest reaches of your imagination, can you envision the United States one day having a strong two-party system without the Democratic party being one of the two parties? Or is that just wishful thinking on my part?"

Skip replied: "I can see the Democratic party continuing it's slide further and further to the left until it becomes the party of socialist, vegan, enviro-homosexuals with a pro-abortion/anti-fur agenda.

That would clear the way for the Blue Collar Pro-Union Joe six pack, Catholic who doesn't go to church to start their own party, and team up with the pregnant divorced mothers of five to form a "Labor" party (pun fully intended).

The only thing that unites Democrats is that they are Pi$$3d off about something. But seriously, if they would drop the freaks, and focus on labor and socioeconomics instead of fringe politics they might be getting somewhere.

Unfortunately The "Brand" Democrat will probably continue on, and they will swing whichever way the wind blows without a firm hand or rudder to guide the ship, or a moral compass to tell it where it's going"