Representation Through Humiliation


Wead: The Tapes Were For History

Doug Wead, a former friend of the Bushes, secretly recorded nine hours of conversations with then-governor George W. Bush. He claims he had never wanted the tapes to become public, but only intended to accurately represent a man who would one day become the leader of the Free World.
“I didn’t do it for the money, Wead said in an Good Morning America interview, “I didn’t do it to sell books.”
Right. That was just a nice kickback.
As to the questions of Bush’s drug use, Wead said “He brought the subject up often” in the interviews.
On a more ribald side, Bush mocked Al Gore for admitting his marijuana use and stated that Dan Quayle had “gone ugly on me, man.”
The White House’s response has been very vague. “These were casual conversations with someone [the president] considered a friend.” said a WH spokesman.

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