Representation Through Humiliation


BNN Contest

Good News: Weeee! Contest time! My old pal Robert Hayes over at BNN is looking for someone to do a couple graphics in exchange for some serious ad space.

Bad News: I suck at graphics work... bad. (Why do you think we're still on a Blogger template?) So I can't enter but you can! Yay! (See below for details and all that good stuff.)

BNN is throwing open a design contest. The winner in each category will
receive a free skyscraper (160x600) ad block on our story pages to do with
as they will for one month - you can post an ad for your blog, or to an
affiliate program, or whatever floats your boat. The contest will end March

Category 1: Cool BNN Buttons
We need buttons that BNN writers can put on their blog site, in a variety of
sizes. Use your creativity!

Category 2: A BNN Banner
We need a banner, both for the top of our main page, and for advertising
purposes. The current banner is quite good and will be
considered an entrant.
However, BNN would love to see some other ideas, and of course it's always good to
have backups.

Submit your work here.