Representation Through Humiliation


Easter: A Rant on Religion

Religious holidays. Now that's a pretty large category: Christmas (Jesus born), Palm Sunday (Jesus pampered), Holy Thursday (Jesus, um, prays?), Good Friday (Jesus dies), and Easter (Jesus found not to be dead. Um...)

So my question is, what is the need for all of these days when all deemed to be holy (i.e. All those who've been scared into believing that the only thing seperating them and hell is a lifetime of devoutness.) file off to several hours of excruciating pain sitting in front of a celabite senior-citizen in his bathrobe who wants so desperately to tell you who God is.

I just don't see why we need these things... To remind us of something that happened several thousand years ago to a carpenter's son. To tell you the truth, I'm having serious doubts as to religion as a whole. It just seems a little too "put togehter" to me. I mean, a talking bush? Turning water into wine? The devout, of course, will write this biblical occurences off as "miracles" and be done with it. But *think* just for 5 seconds! Have *you* ever *seen* a miracle? I know I know: "You shouldn't have to see something to believe in it that's what *faith* is.", right? Wrong. You have to think objectively. What if your particular religion (we'll take Christianity as an exapmle since that is the one I most scorn at the moment) was a sham? Invented thousands of years ago by manipulative tyrants who wanted to scare the peasants into doing their will IN THE NAME OF GOD! It doesn't seem so far-fetched now, does it? It would be terribly easy to just make up a religion, wouldn't it? Try. try right now to make up you're own religion. Forget about everything you've been taught in the endless hours of church, CCD, Sunday school... It's not so difficult. I made one up, I've made up atleast five. They've all been ridiculous, but so is Christianity and all other religions, so I haven't completely lost faith in my religion-writing skills. If they did it, so can I!

Now I know I probably haven't convinced anybody with this little rant, but atleast I've given you something to think of the next time you're sitting in church waiting to "recieve the blod and body of Jesus Christ" (complete bullshit, that.) What if what you've been doing all these years is for naught? Ah ah ah! Don't even *think* it, or God will smite you right? I don't know... I've been thinking about his for a while, and I don't expect to be smited anytime soon.

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