Representation Through Humiliation


Headline Scan: The Last of Schiavo

If you rely solely on the printed press for your news, you would know today that Terri Schiavo's condition is "hopeless." I couldv'e told you that 15 years ago, but a media revelation is better late than never, as the latter is usually the case. The thing that really annoys me about the MSM coverage of this case, though, is the consistent use of 20-somethings sporting the “LIFE” sticker. The true purpose of their protests might be more apparent, I think, if they didn’t have a huge sticker over their mouths over their mouths.

Also being discussed is the quick-light controversy that is steroids. With McGuire pleading the 5th and Canseco accusing everyone in the MLB of being on the juice, it looks like this story is just heating up.

In a dimmer light shines the Pope’s imminent expiration. Many papers are covering the dedication of an entire mountain to this guy. But overshadowing the death of the most important main religion is the new Vatican press release condemning The Da Vinci Code as a pack of lies. Apparently, the meaning of “fiction” is lost on the devout.