Representation Through Humiliation


Headline Scan: No More Schiavo!

Thank God! The mainstream print coverage of the Schiavo case is coming to a close. Something about last rites and "near death" in the headlines, but mostly, it's a dead issue.

Actually in the news is a few stories about the rapid meth invasion of the U.S. They love that word: "invasion." Various blather about tax hikes. Of course, we were promised "no new taxes." But now we refer to the natural law of campaign promises: "Unfulfilled campaign promises never die, they are merely recycled for the next election."

More on gas prices skyrocketing, many with references to those new-fangled hybrid cars. Wah-ho!? Hybrid you say? What is them? Pretty much the most fuel-efficient cars in the world! Gosh!

And since we've reached final four, heaps of rags are toting that as their lead story. (Don't they know there's a war on?)