Representation Through Humiliation


Headline Scan

(A(nother) new feature in which I skim through the front pages of papers across the country and report my findings.)

Hmmm. Alot today about the ongoing Anti-Syrian protests. Tons of pictures of the events... And in every single one there is a general feeling of celebration, and not one of protest. The general paper consenscus is that of rejoicing for freedom, not fighting for it. I'm almost compelled to say the papers Americanize this overseas revolution to such a point that it looks to a headline scanner such as myself like a 24-7 party. There's alot more on this subject over at BAGnewsNotes, who ventures to say that photos such as the ones prominent in the papers today "provide a State-side audience with a warmer, fuzzier sensory experience of what is otherwise a highly volatile situation." Oh well, we may come back to this subject later.

Alot of buzz, too, over this weekend's manhunt for Brian Nichols, the accused rapist and murderer of four. But more so is the commotion over what finally stopped his rampage: Ashley Smith and her words of faith. A largely downplayed issue in this story, but one in which the CNN correspondent last night on Paula Zahn NOW is the shortfalls of the polic-conducted manhunt. The different factions working on the case were so disjointed that they ignored several major clues as to Mr .Nichols' whereabouts. In fact, CNN knew before the police force did that he was headed towards a large shopping mall in the area. This raises some serious questions about the apparent fallibility of the police force in that area.

And still talk of Charles and Camilla's wedding. Some rags even rad it as their lead today. I guess the housewives of the world have grown restless ever since Jen and Brad called it splits.

Otherwise, the press seems to be running various human interest stories about gardening and whatnot now that spring is right around the bend. I seriously wonder if anyone actually does read those things.

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