Representation Through Humiliation


Headline Scan

Not much of a uniform pattern in today's papers (or atlest the front pages thereof.) Looks as if there's still significant buzz about the Nichols manhunt, which recently generated even more talk when Nichols apparently turned dow n an attorney or something. (I don't read too much into this type of thing. Legal crap bores me.)

Also in the headlines is Michael Jackson. Strangely absent from the front pages yesterday, he returned today when his accuser admitted to telling different stories about the incidents to different people at different times. The case seems to be shifting towards Mr. Jackson, jurywise. Although I could really care less. (See above note.)

Some discussion of WorldCom CEO being found guilty of fraud. That stories being run in the sidebar in most rags, but occassionally a picture of Ebbers finds its way above the fold. Again with the legal crap... (sigh)

Scarce headlines mention the rising gas prices across the nation, and a picture of Senators Boxer and Schumer pointing to a sign of gas prices seems to be making its way through the paper grapevine.

March Madness headlines abound, but the big story of the day comes from The New York Post as they unveil Michael Strahan's mistress and bill him a "GIANT CHEAT."

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