Representation Through Humiliation


Headline Scan

Today's headlines are all the rave about Terri Schiavo's feeding tube being pulled. Only now, the Rebublicans in Congress have needled out some kind of compromise. Apparently, they're keeping her body alive for a little longer. What I have a problem with is the federal government butting in on one man's business. The decision should be entirely his, and any interference by Congress only adds a new chapter to his strenuous leagal battle.

Of course, today is the second invasion of the U.S.'s invasion of Iraq. I'm sorry did I say U.S? I meant Coalition of the Willing of course! [Nervously glances over shoulder looking for the Feds.] So many papers of the more liberal persuasion are running commemorative pieces on the deceased soldiers. (As are the more conservative rags, but they add the tagline: "Invading Iraq was a good idea. They had, um, WMDS and/or oppressed people and/or we felt like it and we can do that stuff cause we're the US of A! Woohooo! GOD BLESS AMERICA!") Protests of course, are taking place across the country, but their efforts don't really do much besides help push the already swinging the public consenscus that war is, in fact, not good.

Mild murmurs of the ongoing college basketball frenzy, but it really got pushed of the front page today by the massive Schiavo controversy. Good riddance.

(Croos posted at BNN)