Representation Through Humiliation


Is this reason enough to charge him?

Student Denies Making List Of People To Kill

A 14-year-old student at Oakland County's Holly High School appeared for a pretrial hearing on Wednesday on charges that he made a "kill list," Local 4 reported.

Kids have been making "hit lists" since the beginning of time. When did it suddenly become a reason to charge them with terrorism?? Yes, there have been a few school shootings. And as unfortunate and disturbing that is, you cannot let a very small percentage of kids that have done this scare you into throwing a 14 year old into jail for up to 20 years based on a list.

Did he do anything to show he would take action against those names?? Or was it merely him venting after a bad day or week?

What next? A girl gets arrested during her menstrual cycle cause she was moody and yelled at someone??

Get a grip people! These are still children we are talking about. They don't exactly make good decisions or think ahead.