Representation Through Humiliation


Just Like Mock Trial!

From AMERICAblog via
John Aravosis-

If GannonGuckert sues Media Matters, bloggers, etc., who should we force to testify and what should we ask them?

GannonGuckert allegedly threatened to sue again in an interview last night. So, I say we let the White House and Gannon himself know what's coming.

For starters, we'd have to get sworn depositions out of:
1. Scott McClellan
2. Karl Rove
3. Bobby Eberle
4. Senator Thune and staff
5. Grover Norquist
6. G. Gordon Liddy (Norquist, Rove and Liddy are thanked by Eberle on the GOPUSA Web site)
7. Sean Hannity - who is friendly with GannonGuckert

Who else? I'm serious, no joke names - who would seriously force to testify?

And, seriously, what serious questions would you demand they answer under oath?

I would try to get Macauley Culkin, Smokey Robinson, Eddie Murphy, Kobe Bryant, Jay Leno, Ed Bradley, Larry King, Rita Cosby, Elizabeth Taylor, Barry Gibb, David Blaine, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Steve Harvey, Marlon Brando, Nick Carter, and Chris Tucker to testify. Hey, if Jacko can do it, why can't we?

Then I would GannonGuckert about his apparent male pattern baldness. Is he trying to be cool and shave his head? Or perhaps there's a real problem there? Has he ever considered wearing a wig? All these questions have gone unanswered, but not for long!

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