Representation Through Humiliation


Marist Polls: Fun for the Whole Family

Marist has released another poll for 2008 which we will procede to laugh at. Care to join us?

Alright, first off, the numbers:

Democrats Republicans
Clinton 39 Giuliani 25
Kerry 21 McCain 21
Edwards 15 Rice 14
Biden 5 Jeb 7
Clark 4 Gingrich 5
Feingold 2 Frist 3
Richardson 2 Owens 2
Bayh 1 Romney 1
Warner 1 Santorum 1
Vilsack * Hagel *
Undecided 10 Allen *
Undecided 20

First impression: Republicans are more indecisive than the Dems, whodda thunk it?

Second impression: Hillary's running on name recognition only, no matter what MyDD says.

Third impression: Why no Lieberman? The "Go Joe" line hasn't expired already has it?

Fourth impression: Polls suck.