Representation Through Humiliation


More Over-Analyzing of the Marist Poll


If Clinton wins the nom, we're done for, but lets hope she Sticks in the race long enough to fake out the Republicans Dean style.

Kerry has a good shot at winning the primary due to his strong Democratic backing, but when all is said and done, he's dead in the water.

Edwards will not be nominated. Moreover, Edwards will not be elected. Edwards is, in essence, a decoy. It's just that no one's realized that yet.

Biden may just be the Kerry of 2008, coming out from behind to win the nomination. He's a great people person, albeit with a VERY partisan, Bush-bashing background. But by 2008, Bush-bashing will most-likely be entirely acceptable.

Clark will stay in the race until the very end like last time. And again, he will have very dedicated supporters, but he simply has no chance.

But after all is said and done on the Dem side of the fence, if McCain wins the Republican nomination, he will win. And that's not such a bad thing, really.

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