Representation Through Humiliation


Peep Surgery

Peep Surgery:

One of the great mysteries of the Peep species is that these creatures are always born as conjoined quintuplets. Some scientists have theorized that this arrangement, much like pack behavior in other species, serves as a natural protection against predators. As evidence, note that Peeps are most often consumed by predators only after they have been separated from their siblings. Conversely, Peeps which remain attached to their siblings are rarely preyed upon.

Nevertheless, as Peeps integrate into modern society, there is no ethical reason they should be denied the benefits of individualism, freed from the bonds of their sticky, marshmallow kin.

We thus applied the advances of modern medicine to attempt this miracle separation of these 5 brave volunteers.

Thus starts the research report assembled by several groundbreaking college students, seeking to master the study of Peep seperation.