Representation Through Humiliation


Today's Headlines: The News After Terri

A borderline infrequent roundup of today's front pages.

There seems to be a general lost child feeling throughout the country's papers today as MSM struggles to regroup and search for a new subject of fixation after The Schiavo Story.

When in doubt, run a story on terrorists. This seems to be the adage coming out of today's print world. Typical headline: Will They Strike Again? OOOGA BOOGA!

Also in the spotlight are rumors that Kofi Annan will resign from the UN after an exposed oil for food scandal. Kofi denies it but rags of the conservative persuasion are loving this "story."

Gossip is a major issue in the headlines as well. And when you have gossip, sports stars can't be far behind. Steroids, battery, and alcohol, oh my!

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