Representation Through Humiliation


What's Next for Schiavo Fanatics?

We've all seen them in the news. The faithful Schiavo "supporters" (read: "people who value life in any other way than the kinds that matter.") who camp outsideher hospital, courthouses, Mr. schiavo's home, etc. sporting highly original signs demanding we "Feed Terri" and "Let Terri Live." But now that Terri's parents have been denied like 6 times an appeal to put Terri's tube back in, it's safe to assume the case is closed. (Doesn't stop people from talking about it, though.)

So what will these people do after Schiavo is dead? Pack up their pickets and go home? Demand her body be left in her hospital bed and keep their fingers crossed that she'll suddenly spring back to life, good as new? Or will they just move onto the next case of a vegetable being let go? Hoping to win one somewhere down the line?