Representation Through Humiliation


And this is their priority?

Priest to Launch Anti-Euthanasia Group

A priest who comforted Terri Schiavo's parents and siblings says he's starting the Roman Catholic Church's first society of priests devoted exclusively to "the Gospel of Life," fighting against euthanasia and abortion.

With so many issues out there in the world, they choose this. Two topics that are very personal in nature. Two topics that should not be up to any government, but only to the individual involved.

It is MY body. It is my decision to have a child or not. And that is not a decision I would make lightly. Nor any other woman (least not the majority). And whichever decision we come to, it's won't be easy. Having a child is alot of hardwork. Yes, very rewarding, but there are many that are just not ready for the challenges that will come. And aborting is also not an easy thing to do. You will forever be asking yourself, "What if?" But it is still their body and their life and therefore they are best to know what they can and cannot handle.

It is also MY life. And only I should choose how to end that life. Not some government or religion. My life. Not yours. So stay out of it!

"I have long been convinced that God is raising up numerous disciples ready to devote their entire lives to ending the tragedy of abortion, which the bishops have identified as the 'fundamental human rights issue of the day,'" Pavone said in a statement. "I have no doubt that we will see a tremendous and immediate response to this initiative."

NO! An issue so much bigger than abortion is child abuse. Why not put your effort to where you can really do some good?? Do you know what a vicious child abuse is?? Those who are abused as children more often abuse their own children. And them their own. And so on. And to break that cycle takes a tremendous amount of courage.

"It's just a part of the culture here to be pro-life," he said. "Anybody who would be pro-abortion in politics here would be dead in the water, as they say."

It's PRO-CHOICE! Repeat after me --- pro-choice. No one is pro-abortion. So stop twisting words around to make it something it isn't.