Representation Through Humiliation


Friday Random Eleven

My answer to Friday Radom Ten, Friday Random Eleven is the first eleven thoughts or questions that pop into my head.

1. It's high time or the Pope to pass on. He's been suffering for much too long, and he deserves a dignified death.

2. What's good for a sore throat? Mine is killing me.

3. I'm so happy the Schiavo controversy is drawing to a close (hopefully.)

4. The international language should be Gibberish.

5. "Stop Fruit Dumping" has to be the most hilarious cause ever.

6. The true meaning of April Fool's Day is lost on so many people.

7. The people who stick those yellow "Support Our Troops" magnets cannot possibly think they're supporting our troops with that.

8. 4Parents, (a government website advocating telepathic control over teenagers, less Satan acurse them to be the homosexuals) is the most despicable thing the government has done since...yesterday.

9. They should figure something to do with the Blarney Stone. Like chop it up into little pieces and put it in select boxes of Lucky Charms.

10. I Heart BzzAgent.

11. Putting an MP3 player on random and writing down the songs you get seems to be a whole lot easier than actually thinking.