Representation Through Humiliation


Headline Scan: Back With A Vengeance

A Somewhat Regular, Try-To-Be Daily Look at What the Press World is Saying

In today's front pages, we see a combination of two paper "genres", if you will: Military and Human Interest.Even though this type of hybrid sounds really strange... it still comes off as really strange! Crazy how things usually work out that way. What I'm talking about, of course, is the decision of a few rags to run a story about Marines playing golf in the middle of Iraq on the front page. The theme, I suppose is "Soldiers Are Humans Too. And All Humans Like Golf."Alright...

Elsewhere, the print media can't seem to get over that the Bush Social Security de-Securitization is dead in the water, as many of them mention the beast and the people pushing it/opposing it.

Other than that: A lot of gossip and "catchy" (read "cutesy and obnoxiously pun-tacular) headlines.