Representation Through Humiliation


Headline Scan: Marriage. Uggh.

Weeee're baack! A weekday wrap-up of what the print media is thinking... or not thinking. (The latter is more often the case.)

In case you're too lazy to look out your freaking window, the papers'll do it for you. Overwhelming sentiment in the press today: "Omigod! It's nice out!"

Also, when things get slow you can always count on...(drumroll)... the war! Yes, that's right: There is a war on, believe it or not.

Oh, and while we hate them for their accents, we just love it when British people get married. (Or when Prince Hary dresses as a Nazi. Or beats up a photographer. Or gets really drunk and says something stupid. Or....)

And apparently a feline won some golf thing. Go figure.

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