Representation Through Humiliation


Headline Scan: Rumsfeld's Iraqi Vacation

Okay, I was going to hit on this subject later anyway, but since the print media seems to be chatting about it today, I'll do it here. Rumsfeld made a "surprise visit" the other day to the troops in Iraq. A "pep talk", if you will. He (and the entire administration) seem to forget sometimes that the war isn't just a large-scale version off a high school football game. Although it may as well be with the cheerleading masses gluing garish magnets to their automobiles...

I just kind of wonder what goes through the soldiers' heads when he speaks to them like he knows what they're going through. I saw a great headline on Sploid the other day: RUMSFELD RETURNS FROM IRAQ. LEAVES TROOPS THERE. I think that just about says it.

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