Representation Through Humiliation


Isn't this a parent's job?

Oregon moves to limit junk food in schools

Oregon's state legislature is considering putting limits on sales of soda pop, candy and other junk food in public schools, saying that such food is part of the reason that too many U.S. children are obese.

So by limiting where they can buy junk food ... it will accomplish what?? Will stores no longer be able to sell junk food to minors? Will parents be required to sign a statement confirming that they will not share their junk food with their children?

And they will be replacing this loss of a quick fix for drink and food with what??

My oldest is almost 14. He lives on junk food (well, as much as I will allow him to), and he's skinny! There is not an ounce of fat on that child. Now if he was fat (just calling it what it is) then I would limit his intake of junk food. And he's healthy.

Perhaps junk food is part of the problem for some children, but why have those with no issues suffer for those with no self-control??

Then again, that is the American way, huh??