Representation Through Humiliation


A Party Atmosphere

Star Trib:
Hundreds of Americans dissatisfied with the federal government's response to illegal immigration and ready to take matters into their own hands assembled Friday in Tombstone, located near the Mexico border, to get their marching orders.
The Minuteman Project, as its leaders are calling this highly publicized month-long effort, was organized to patrol a well-worn stretch of the border and report any apparently illegal crossings to law enforcement officials.
Uhg, alright we've talked briefly about these people before, but now that they're actually on the border being bigoted morons serving our country, I feel the need to insert two more cents.

This month, nationalist anti-immigrant volunteers from across the nation are gathering on the Mexico border to attempt to catch Mexican illegal immigrants in the act and report them to the police. It’s this type of bigoted, better-than-thou attitude that creates tension between the U.S. and the world at large. These “Minutemen” consider themselves servants of their nation by stopping others from enjoying the opportunities America has to offer. These immigrants, illegal or not, are doing nothing to hurt our nation, but the “minutemen” are. They are damaging our nation’s reputation of acceptance and tainting it with racist, nationalistic lies that bring out the worst in our country.

But for all the rhetoric and kitsch of the day, the overall mood of the gathering was peaceful and friendly.
"It's a party atmosphere," said City Marshal Kenn Barrett, who was flanked by about 30 Arizona Rangers deputized for the day.
Yea, we're just down on the border, having a grand old time, grilling some dogs and being good-for-nothing whistle blowers on the innocent.