Representation Through Humiliation


Ta-Da! It's GreenEggs the Rogue

My Inner Hero - Rogue!

I'm a Rogue!

It's a good thing I use my powers for good and not evil, because quite frankly, I could get away with murder. I'm clever, tricky, and charming. I know how to make you laugh with one hand and pick your pocket with the other. Not that I'd ever DO that, of course...

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I'm clever, funny, and full of surprises. If I'm still in school, I'm the class clown. If I work, I'm probably on the verge of being fired - but who cares? My job's boring anyway. When it comes to leisure,I'd rather watch cartoons, crash a wild party, or stage a practical joke than have an elegant tea with my grandma. I'm not big on being "civilized" or following "rules" such as that pesky "speed limit."

Above all, I'm a trendsetter and a force of chaos. I see tradition as something to be questioned, structure as something to be toppled. I'm popular, charming, and entertaining to be around. I'd make a great actor, comedian, or a rock musician. Everyone loves having me at parties, because with me there, no one has a chance of getting bored.

Tee-hee! Why thank you! God I love online tests that compliment me like that.