Representation Through Humiliation


Take A Deep Breath

And relaaaaax...

Margo Lucero, the eighth-grade guidance counselor at the school, substituted the phrase "under your belief system" as she led the recitation of the Pledge on Wednesday.
After irate phone calls poured in from parents, Principal Kathleen Norton, who normally leads the Pledge but was out of the building at the time, apologized to students Thursday and sent home letters of apology yesterday.
[A student told her mother] about the incident after school Wednesday. "I was really angry," Mrs. Pierce said.
"Legally, that's our Pledge of Allegiance, and I don't think anyone has the right to change it," she said. "I'm very happy with the way the district has handled it. Nobody's trying to defend it."
Woah-kay. But listen to why the pledge was altered in the first place:

Mr. Kaufman said Miss Lucero had been spurred by the date, April 20, the sixth anniversary of the Columbine High School slayings. Both Columbine and Everitt are within the Jefferson County school district.
"The day was the sixth anniversary of Columbine, and she felt she should be all-inclusive, so she replaced the word 'God,'" he said.
(Gasp!) How terrible! Death to the "all-inclusive" people!

Seriously, this country just needs to get off its super-patriot/super-religion kick. If my memory serves me, the phrase "under God" was only added during World War II, so what's the harm in altering to accomadate everyone's beliefs? It's not as if she disrespected anyone's religion. Just the opposite, really. So I'll say it again: R.e.l.a.x. Thank you, and have a nice day.