Representation Through Humiliation



Ah, back from my two-day expidenture into the wilderness. I come home to find that Terri Sciavo did, in fact, die Thursday morning, and that the Pope is either in critical condition or dead. So, fun all around basically. I won't be doing a headline scan today as I am conscious on caffeine alone. Unbeknownst to me at the time, 2.5 hours of sleep in between two exhausting days of hiking, rock climbing, etc... Not the best idea in the world. But I will give you an idea of what they're saying: "Schiavo, Schiavo, Schiavo!"

Oh, and Ang deserves a huge thank-you for filling in these past few days. Some really great posts down there that you should definitely check out. She's welcome to stick around if she wants to, as I'll keep her on the guest lblogger list as long as she pleases.

Oh, Happy April Fool's by the way.