Representation Through Humiliation


Kiss Up & Criticize.... "Burka Blue"

"Burka Blue" by the first-ever all-girl Afghanistan group: The Burka Band, while sporting the "first-ever" bragging rights displays arguably rudimentary lyrics (e.g. They rhyme "blue" with "too" at least a dozen times.) albeit a rather catchy tune.

The lyrics are all in English, which is in all likeliness the band's second language, so the AAAAAA al infinitum rhyme scheme is understandable. Although their accents are extremely good assuming this is their second language. Speaking of lyrics, some of them seem rather inflaming due to the band's ethnic and religious background (in fact, all members of the band wear head-to-toe burkas at all times). Such as: "You give me all your love. You give me all your kisses./And then you touch my burka and do not know who is it." or "My auntie wears a burka, my uncle does it too./My sister doesn't like it, but she must wear her's too."

All in all, it's great for a quick listen, downloadable material? Maybe. But be warned: This tune will keep you up at night.

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