Representation Through Humiliation


Three Cheers for Voinovich

Senator George Voinovich (R) recently delivered an extremely emotional speech on the Senate floor denouncing George bolton as the U.N. nominee. In this act of career suicide, most like, he presented most likely the most heartfelt take on the nomination we have seen thus far. And coming from a Republican, this is most remarkable.

So I applaud him for the obviously heartrending emotions he displayed in his brief speech which is most liley much to late to change any minds, but still one of the most complately heartfelt messages from a senator that we will ever see. I suggest watching it and checking out the discussion centering around the clip, and more specifically the 'intern' figure in the background at the ever-popular BAGNewsNotes.

Regarding the "Bolton & Blubberin'" caption on this screen capture taken from MSNBC's coverage: The best way to describe it would be in the words of Pepper on the BAG boards:

That goddam "blubberin'" title was sickening. Goddam bunch of feigning macho assholes, the media.
Well put.