Representation Through Humiliation


Unintentionally Hilarious Article of the Day

Spain's Miguel Angel Martin was disqualified from the British Open on Thursday after television replays showed him improving his stance on a shot by standing on a tree.

Martin had signed for a one-under-par 71 before the video evidence came to light when the European Tour's chief referee John Paramor was alerted by a television viewer.

"Miguel Angel Martin has been disqualified for failing to include a penalty in his score," Paramor said.

"He breached Rule 13-2 on the second shot on the ninth hole when he took a stance on a small sapling which he felt may injure him as it had small thorns on it.

"However, as he could have taken his stance in another manner, without treading on the sapling, he incurs a penalty of two strokes."

Martin could have avoided being thrown out if he had been warned that he had to add the two strokes, but Paramor only found out about the incident after the Spaniard had signed his card wrongly.

Apparently, the fine sport of golf was sick of being overshadowed by competitors such as baseball and football due to controversy. So it made a half-hearted (and ill-fated) attempt to regain its once-renown position as "the most scandalous of all competitive activities", with chess coming in a close second.

In other news, golf is found to be the most ridiculously boring game in the universe.

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