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Fisk Me: Don't Know 'bout Guantanamo

'Don't know for sure' about Guantanamo: Amnesty USA
By Lori Santos

Despite highly publicized charges of U.S. mistreatment of prisoners at Guantanamo,
the head of the Amnesty International USA said on Sunday the group
doesn't "know for sure" that the military is running a

Curious... Go on.

Executive Director
William Schulz said Amnesty, often cited worldwide for documenting
human rights abuses, also did not know whether Secretary Defense
Secretary Donald Rumsfeld approved severe torture methods such as
beatings and starvation.

You want to find someone who
actually knows something?
Y'know to contribute to the story or something crazy like that?
No? OK...

Schulz recently
dubbed Rumsfeld an "apparent high-level architect of torture" in
asserting he approved interrogation methods that violated
international law.

Lemme get this straight: The man
recently called Rumsfeld a "high-level architect of torture" yet you
lead off with "beats me?" What's the bigger story?

"It would be
fascinating to find out. I have no idea," Schulz told "Fox News

It would be just so "fascinating" if
you could give me something besides "I dunno."

A dispute has raged
since Amnesty last month compared the prison for foreign terrorism
suspects at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to the vast,
brutal Soviet gulag system of forced labor camps in which millions of
prisoners died.

The organization compared a military
base to a Soviet work camp? But they still "don't know" anything?

A leading Democratic U.S. senator on Sunday repeated his call for a
full investigation and said the detention center should be

"The end result is,
I think we should end up shutting it down, moving those prisoners.
Those that we have reason to keep, keep. And those we don't, let go,"
Sen. Joseph Biden of Delware told ABC's "This Week."

So do we know something yet,

There have been a
number of accusations of American mistreatment of the detainees and of
the Koran, the Islamic holy book, at the base.

Now we're getting somewhere...

The U.S. military on
Friday released details about five cases top officials said were among
only 10 reported over the course of more than 28,000 prisoner

And we all know how good the
U.S. military is about reporting prisoner abuse.

Schulz said, "We
don't know for sure what all is happening at Guantanamo and our whole
point is that the United States ought to allow independent human
rights organizations to investigate."

"We really don't know anything
for sure... Maybe/Maybe not... It would be fascinating to find out..."
Get these people off their talking points!

He also said he had
"absolutely no idea" whether the International Red Cross had been
given access to all prisoners and said the group feared others were
being held at secret facilities or locations.

Does anyone know anything!?
Nevermind... don't answer that.

President Bush, Vice President
Dick Cheney and, most recently, Rumsfeld have repudiated the Amnesty

The United States
holds about 520 men at Guantanamo, where they are denied rights
accorded under international law to prisoners of war. Many have been
held without charge for more than three years.

And yet no one wants to go on
record saying this is ga bad thing?

Schulz noted that it
was Amnesty's headquarters in London that issued the annual report on
global human rights, which said Guantanamo Bay "has become the gulag
of our times."

But they don't know for sure...

Asked about the
comparison, Schulz said, "Clearly this is not an exact or a literal

But it is one that you made!
Back it up!

"... But there are
some similarities. The United States is maintaining an archipelago of
prisons around the world, many of them secret prisons into which
people are being literally disappeared ... And in some cases, at
least, we know that they are being mistreated, abused, tortured and
even killed."

So you wanna denounce this or

"And whether the
Americans like it or not, it does reflect how the more than 2 million
Amnesty members in a hundred countries around the world and indeed the
vast majority of those countries feel about the United States'
detention policy," he said.

How do you feel? Say something
of revelence!

Biden added: "More Americans are
in jeopardy as a consequence of the perception that exists worldwide
with its existence than if there were no (Guantanamo)."

On the whole, Lori Santos did a
mediocre job of covering this story. She didn't get anyone off of
their talking points and seeing as Mr. Schulz's talking point was
"Torture is bad but I know nothing." that is an extremely bad thing.
So minus ten points for that.

However, bonus points for making Amnesty International USA look
like a joke in the proccess. Coming away from this article I would
assume they're a bunch of jokers who put on a good face like they want
to prevent tortue but when asked to give a solid quote, don't know

She could've presented some of the facts as to the evidence of prison
abuse and torture to make Amnesty look like an even bigger fool and
the adminstration to look like an even bigger ass, but she chose not
to. So I'm going to have to dock her a few points for that...

After all is said and done, this article was a 4 out of 10. Better luck next time,

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